The Metallix Army

The Brotherhood of Metallix are an Army of Robotic Copies built by Dr. Robotnik and Grimer in Sonic the Comic, they later abandoned him and formed there own Empire

Metallix Model.1Edit

See: Metallix MK.1

The first Metallix is the normal Trooper for the Metallix empire, the original Metallix, Metal Sonic (later possibly rebuilt into Emperor Metallix) attacked Sonic but was erased from time.

Metallix the Metal SonicEdit

See: Emperor Metallix

The First Metallix who attacked Sonic but was erased from time, he was possibly rebuilt as Emperor Metallix and after the Metallix defeat was resurectted along with other Villains to aid Supreme High Robotnik.

Metallix Model. 2Edit

See: Metallix MK.2

Based on Mecha Sonic, this metallix attempted to steal the Master Emerald, this one defeated Knuckles but was destroyed by Super Sonic.

Emperor MetallixEdit

See: Emperor Metallix

Reconstructed from the First Metallix, the emperor is red and has the power to control all other Metallix.

He is another version of Mega Metal Sonic.

Disguise MetallixEdit

See: Porker Metallix A Porker Metallx was also built to protect the corrupted Miracle Planet from Sonic.

Metallix Model. 3Edit

See: Knuckles Metallix

The Knuckles Metallix was proposed as a more loyal subject and Robotnik began making them.

Neo MetallixEdit

See: Neo Metallix

Neo Metallix is based on Neo Metal Sonic from Sonic Heroes and even has his shape shifting abilities but is much larger.

Other MetallixEdit

See: Tails Metallix, Mighty Metallix, and Espio Metallix

Concept art for Sonic the Comic-Online shows New Metallix models.