DEATH BATTLE! is a series on ScrewAttack. Some Death Battles feature Robotic copies from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Death battles with Robotic copiesEdit

Eggman vs. WilyEdit

In this Death Battle between the two doctors and their armies, several of the robotic copies appear. Silver Sonic appears to destroy several of Wily's soldiers but is chased by Napalm Man, he is saved by Metal Sonic and goes on to destroy Sheep Man, Scratch, and Grounder before being killed by Bass. Mecha Sonic appears to destroy some of Wily's soldiers but is destroyed while fighting Pharoah Man. Several Shadow Android appear, one attacking Bass. Metal Knuckles fights Wily's robots including Guts Man, but is destroyed during Metal Overlord's rampage. EggRobo appears to defeat some of Wily's troops but is killed by Magnet Man. Metal Sonic has a major appearance, he destroys Napalm Man, saving Silver Sonic, he then moves on to transform into Neo Metal Sonic, destroying the Yellow Devil and several Robot Masters, he finally defeated Bass and then destroys the Wily Machine. After being hit by Roboenza, Metal Sonic truns on Eggman andabsorbs the Egg Fleet, transforming into Metal Overlord, he then kills Bass, the Robot Masters, The Robot commanders, Wily and Eggman's armies and also the scientists himself. Metal Sonic is the winner of the battle.

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