255 cc, 4 Valve Organ Fusion EngineA.I. ROBOTNIK Custom ChipAluminium-Sonic
Arm CannonAuto-FionaAuto King Max
Auto SallyAuto SnivelyBadnik (Smokey's Friend)
Badnik AmyBadnik JohnnyBadnik Ruff and Badnik Stripes
Badnik SonicBadnik TailsBass
Big ManBionic SonicBlack Knight
Black ShieldBlaze WomanBlue Devil
Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles (FFOTG)Brotherhood of Metallix
Burst ShieldCaptain MetalChaos Devil
Chaos EmeraldChaos Mecha KnucklesCharmy Man
Chief Scientist Unit 01Chroma CamoClassic Metal Sonic
Classic Titan Metal SonicCopy RobotCopycat
Cosmic Chase Sonic RobotsCyber NazoDEATH BATTLE!
Death EggDeath Egg MK.IIDeath Egg Robot
Demonic Tails DollE-10000E-10000B
EggRobo Evolution ChartEgg AlbatrossEgg Beater
Egg BotEgg Destroyer BattlesuitEgg Destroyer Battlesuit (Another Time-Another Place)
Egg DragoonEgg EmperorEgg Emperor (Archie)
Egg FighterEgg HawkEgg Pawn
Egg Pawn GiantEggbotEggman's mecha
EggmobileEmperor MetallixEnergy Blast
Energy Blast (Lost Labyrinth treasure)Espio ManEspio Metallix
Fake EggmanFake Mecha SonicFinal Fortress
FlamethrowerFlightFuture Metal Sonic
Game Land (DS)Game Land (Wii)Giant Energy Ball (Lost Labyrinth treasure)
Giant Exploding EggmanGiant Metal SonicGiant Metal Sonic (Zilla-Verse)
Giant RobotnoGo Team! Metal SonicGold
Great Eggman RoboHoming AttackHoming Attack (Lost Labyrinth treasure)
Hopping Egg VulcanHyper Metal SonicI'm gay
Infiltrator TommyKintobor BadnikKnuckles Doll
Knuckles ManKrudzu Hybrid HydraKrudzu Metal Knuckles
Krudzu ShardKrudzu Titan Metal SonicLightning Blast
List of Abilities and WeaponsMUGENMaster Control Program
Maximum OverdriveMeatallixMecha Knuckles
Mecha Knuckles (Knuckles)Mecha MarioMecha Sally
Mecha SnivelyMecha SonicMecha Sonic (Alternate)
Mecha Sonic (Sonic)Mecha Sonic (overall)Mecha Sonic MKI and MKII
Mecha Tails (Alternate)Mecha Tails (Tails)Mega Buster
Metal AmyMetal Amy (Archie)Metal Amy Rose
Metal BigMetal BoosterMetal Booster v2
Metal CarrierMetal CharmyMetal Cheese
Metal ClausMetal CreamMetal Destructix
Metal EspioMetal KnucklesMetal Knuckles (Archie)
Metal Knuckles (One Year Later)Metal MadnessMetal Mario
Metal OmegaMetal OverlordMetal Overlord (Archie)
Metal Overlord (One Year Later)Metal RobotnikMetal Robotnik (Archie)
Metal RougeMetal ScourgeMetal Series
Metal ShadowMetal SonicMetal Sonic's Group
Metal Sonic's ThemeMetal Sonic/BossMetal Sonic/Forms
Metal Sonic/GalleryMetal Sonic/ThemesMetal Sonic (Another Time-Another Place)
Metal Sonic (Archie)Metal Sonic (Brawl)Metal Sonic (Ghosts of the Future)
Metal Sonic (One Year Later)Metal Sonic (SATAM)Metal Sonic (Spiral Knights)
Metal Sonic (Super Mario Bros. Z)Metal Sonic (Trophy)Metal Sonic 3.0
Metal Sonic Evolution ChartMetal Sonic KaiMetal Sonic Mark III
Metal Sonic Mark IVMetal Sonic Mark VMetal Sonic Mask
Metal Sonic MasterMetal Sonic SeriesMetal Sonic Suit
Metal Sonic TrooperMetal Sonic UpgradesMetal Sonic v1.0
Metal Sonic v2.0Metal Sonic v2.5Metal Sonic v2.6
Metal Sonic v3.0Metal Sonic v3.1Metal Sonic v3.2
Metal Sonic v3.3Metal Sonic v3.4Metal Sonic v3.5
Metal Sonic v3.6Metal Sonic v3.7Metal Sonic v3.8
Metal TailsMetal Tails (Archie)Metal Team Chaotix
Metal Team DarkMetal Team RoseMetal Tektite
Metal VectorMetallic SonicMetallix (Super Mario Bros. Z)
Metallix MK.1Metallix MK.2Metallix MK.3
Metallix PlanetMetallix the Metal SonicMighty Metallix
Modern Metal SonicModern Titan Metal SonicNega-Wisp Armor
Neo Metal SonicNeo MetallixParodies
PhiPorker MetallixProject Chaotix
Project Deadly CuddlesProject TitanPseudo Sonic
Pseudo Sonic (Archie)R-9 Final FeverRing Spark Field
Robo-RobotnikRoboticized MasterRobotnik's deadly battle suit
Robotnik DollRobotnik DroneRocket Metal
RollerRose WomanRouge Imposter
Rouge WomanSTH-25SXSU-401
SallybotScrap MetalSemi-Super Mecha Sonic
Shadow 2Shadow AndroidShadow Android (Perfect)
Shadow Android 01Shadow Android 02Shadow Android 03
Shadow Android 04Shadow ManShadow Metallix
Shard the Metal SonicSilicon TailsSilicon Warriors
SilverSilver ManSilver Metallix
Silver SonicSilver Sonic (Archie)Silver Sonic (Fleetway)
Silver Sonic ISilver Sonic IISilver Sonic III
Silver Sonic II (Archie)Silver Sonic MechSilver Sonic V2
SkiisSmiley BombSnively Infiltrator
Sonic BassSonic BoomSonic Doll
Sonic GenerationsSonic GhostSonic Tweet
Spin DashSpin Dash (Lost Labyrinth treasure)Stadust Speedway
Sub ComputerSunny Side UpSuper Eggrobo Z
Super Mecha SonicSuper Metal SonicT-Pup
Tails' RocketTails (Spiral Knights)Tails Doll
Tails Doll's true formTails Doll (AoSTH)Tails Doll (Archie)
Tails Doll (Fleetway)Tails Doll (One Year Later)Tails Ghost
Tails ManTails MetallixTeam Metal
Team Metal SonicTechno Bodyshell BattlesuitTesla Power Coil
The Final WeaponThe Metal SonicThe Syndicate's Metallix model
Titan Metal SonicTrooper SevenTurbo Mecha Sonic
Upgraded Krudzu Metal KnucklesV. Maximum OverdriveVector Man
Virtual HedgehogWater PalaceX Robot

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