Silver sonic sa

Mecha Sonic in Sonic Advanture

Mecha Sonic and the Silver Sonics are referred too as the same robot in Japan.

First AttackEdit

See: Bionic Sonic

During Mecha Sonic's first encounter with Sonic, he was stationed at the Scrambled Egg. He was powered by a Chaos Emerald in this apperance and was equipped with a claw.

Defending the Death EggEdit

See: Silver Sonic

Mecha Sonic appears as the semi-final boss of the game, he is one of the guardians of the Death Egg and
Silva sonic

Mecha Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

attacks by spindashing and shooting his spikes at you.

Return of the Death EggEdit

See: Mecha Sonic

Realising that his Silver robot was no match for Sonic, Eggman upgraded him into a much more powerful form, with incrased speed and power. This upgraded robot attacked Sonic and Tails in the eggmobile before retreating and later fighting Knuckles and transforming into Super Mecha Sonic.

Aiding Metal SonicEdit

See: Silver Sonic

Mecha Sonic appears again as a palette swap of Metal Sonic (2nd player) in Sonic the Fighters.
Turbo mecha sonic

Mecha Sonic in Sonic & Knuckles

The AerobaseEdit

See: Silver Sonic

Due to his failure, he was downgraded and sent to protect the Aerobase from Sonic but went haywire after being damaged too much and started a small part odf the base.


See: Silver Sonic II

Mecha Sonic is next being seen upgraded into a form which combines his Silver and Mecha designs.

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