Metal Sonic is one of Sonic's antagonists, he is from the Another Time, Another Place Zone.
Metal Sonic ATiAP

Metal Sonic


Little Planet and ReturnEdit

Metal sonic (sonic 4 comic) 2
Metal Sonic raced agaianst Sonic on the Stardust Speedway only barely losing to him, Sonic had a flashback to these events.
Metal Sonic (Sonic 4 comic)

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic then appeared when the Little Planet returned to Mobius, Eggman reactivated and upgraded him.

Olympic gamesEdit

Eggman re-employed Metal Sonic in the Olympic games, when Sonic challenged Eggman to a race, he accepted but stated he could not race due to an injury and had Metal Sonic race instead, Metal Sonic competed in the games in every activity against Sonic, Metal Sonic was winning until the final race, where Sonic used the five olympic rings' energy to win. Metal Sonic then retreated with Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot.

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