Metal sonic 2

Metal Sonic (with the Sonic Drive)

character is from Ghosts of the Future, a fanfic by Archie artist Evan Stanley

Metal Sonic was a robot created by Eggman, he fought Sonic many times, 200 years later he had fallen into disrepair until NICOLE repaired him.


Metal sonic2

Old and rusted Metal Sonic (with the Chaos Drive)

Long after the events of Sonic Heroes, Metal Sonic was found worked on by Sicily, he maintained consiuosness but coud never move or speak. Eventually he was reactivated when a Chaos Drive was placed into him, he injured Vennie before leaving to meet NICOLE.

Metal Sonic was confronted by Sonic and Shadow and was given the Sonic Drive by NICOLE to fix him, he then went to collect Silver and ended up fighting Blaze.


While he has never taken them in the story, Metal Sonic has used his Metal Madness and Metal Overlord forms in the past.

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