Metal Sonic v3.8 was rebuilt from 3.7 immediatly after he self destructed in order to perfect himself. Metal Sonic
Metal 3.8

Metal Sonic v3.8

then proceeded to state he would resume his previous mission and hunt down Sonic and destroy the city but Eggman told him that it was not his mission and that he must go and meet Bass instead. After the Genesis Wave was deployed, Metal Sonic and Bass were sent to Mobius to kidnap Tails. Later on he was used along with Copy Robot to confuse the heroes into fighting each other. Metal and Bass were later used to kidnap Dr. Light when the Doctors saw Light as a threat. During Rouge's Sabotage, Metal and Bass caught her and Roboticized her after she released the Chaos Devil. When Eggman discovered a weak communication in the prison bay, he and Metal Sonic went down and found out that Dr. Light was using Badnik scraps to communicate with Rouge, with Light being a potential annoyance Eggman had his Enforcer toss Light down a hatch, much to the chagrin of Wily. When Sonic and Mega Man entered the Boss Room, Metal and Bass were waiting for them. When Metal began to overpower Sonic, Mega Man tried to defeat him only to get a taste of Metal's Black Shield. After Bass's defeat at the hands of heroes' combined power, Metal managed to put up a fight showcasing his V. Maximum Overdrive Attack before being defeated by the heroes.

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