Parodies are works created by Fans and are humorous views of Sonic

Sonic in MinutesEdit

Metal Sonic  in Sonic Free Riders in Minutes disguised as Generic Robot 1-1000 whatever, but later reveals himself to be Metal Sonic and is beaten up by the other characters in their fight.

Neo Metal Sonic appears in Sonic Heroes in minutes and transforms into Metal Overlord but is defeated when he realizes he is a robot.

Giant Metal Sonic appears in the Chaotix's flashback in Sonic Generations in 8 Minutes, he is seen fighting Super Sonic as the Chaotix talk about the times they met Sonic.

Sonic ShortsEdit

Metal Sonic appears fighting Sonic in one section, blocking his attacks but is defeated when Sonic kicks him in-between the legs.

The Sonic and Tails Pawns appears in the Eggman's amusement park segment of the Parody Sonic series, they pretends they are Sonic and Tails, they talk about how good the park is. Sonic Pawns mask also falls off and one of the Tails Pawns Tails fall off too.

Metal Sonic appears in one short bragging about how he is the true Sonic and the other is a fake, Sonic then tells him to look at his hand, Metal Sonic does and exclaims 'OH MY GOD IM A ROBOT' and starts crying about how he is the faker as Sonic facepalms.

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