Pseudo Sonic v3.0

Pseudo Sonic

Pseudo Sonic was a copy of Sonic created by Robotnik as a way of defeating Sonic and tricking the Freedom Fighters.


Tricking Antoine (v1.0)Edit

Pseduo Sonic was once Robotnik's latest "ultimate creation" was designed using everything Robotnik knew about Sonic, and proved to be a pain to test. Not only was it insulting Robotnik, but its means of showing its abilities consisted of throwing Robotnik off a cliff. Annoyed, Robotnik ordered Pseudo Sonic to try and find Knothole. Antoine mistook him for Sonic (blaming the darkness and the artist) and inadvertantly allowed Pseudo Sonic to find Knothole's enterance. Before he could tell Robotnik the coordinates to Knothole, he was short-circuited by Tails' trick with static electricity. Pseudo was tossed in the garbage.


Pseudo Sonic

Fighting his Template (v2.0)Edit

The remains of Pseudo Sonic were rebuilt and he was rectivated by the surviving Badniks on the Island of Misfit Badniks, he then fought Sonic but was destroyed again.

Giant (v2.5)Edit

After this the Badniks rebuilt Pseudo Sonic as a giant, he the declared himself the largest thing on mobius, but was defeated by the larger whale, named Big Fluke.

Racing his counterparts (v3.0)Edit

Pseudo Sonic returns to race against Sonic and Scourge, he was the slowest of the three, coming in third place. (this only appeared on a cover, meaning it may not be canon.)