Silver Sonic was the first robotic copy of Sonic, he was the Mini-Boss of the Death Egg and was fought with no rings, he had the ability to move at speeds that equalled Sonics and curl into a chainsaw ball.
Silver Sonic

Silver Sonic

He first appearne as the guardian of scrambled egg and was powered by a chaos emerald. In this apperance he was named Bionic Sonic.

His first full apperance as Silver Sonic featured him guarding the Death Egg.

He later appeared as the boss of Aerobase Zone in Sonic Pocket Adventure.

His latest (game) appearence was a cameo as Silver Sonic II in Eggman's base in Sonic Adventure.

He appears in some of the Archie comments as Silver Sonic Mark III

What makes Silver Sonic stand out from all the other sonic robots is his Silver colour.


  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Mega drive/ IOS .)
    Silver sonic in crisis city

    Silver Sonic

  • Sonic Pocket Adventure
  • Sonic Adventure
  • Gale Racer (cameo)

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