Silver Sonic

Silver Sonic is an antagonist in the Archie Sonic series and has been rebuilt multiple times.


Death Egg's Guardian (v1.0)Edit

See: Silver Sonic I

Silver Sonic was first seen as the guardian of the Death Egg, he fought against Sonic and Tails but was defeated. Sonic then piloted him and used him to fight Robotnik, after defeating him Sonic left Silver Sonic on the Death Egg when it exploded.

Attack on Station Square (v2.0)Edit

See: Silver Sonic II

Silver Sonic was later rebuilt as a smaller but faster robot and sent to attack the main human ciity, he engaged Sonic, Big, Tails, Amy, Sally and Bunnie in battle but was eventually defeated by Sonic and then reprogrammed by Nate Morgan to preotect the city, it chased Eggman away after this. Later Eggman sent Shadow to attack Station Square, Silver Sonic engaged him in battle but was overwhelmed by Shadow's chaos abilities.

Guarding the Second Death Egg (v3.0)Edit

See: Silver Sonic III

Silver Sonic was rebuilt again and set to guard the second Death Egg, he relentlessly fought Sonic across the station, later gaining help from Metal Sonic, but was destroyed when the world roboticizer exploded.

Attack on Feral Forest (v3.1)Edit

Silver Sonic was rebuilt again and placed under Mecha Sally's control to aid on her attack Feral Forest and the assasination of the Royal Family. Silver Sonic fought Sonic in an attempt to stop him from raeching Sally but was held in place by T-Pup's abilities and then dissasembled.


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