Sonic generations

Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations is a Sonic game that was released for the PS3, XBOX 360, PC and the 3DS.

Sonic is the main character and the game features him trying to defeat a god called Time Eater that is controlled by Eggman.


Casino Night

Classic Metal Sonic is the rival boss of this area in the 3DS version, he races Sonic to the end of the Casino Street, attacking him as they go.

Sky Sanctuary

Classic Sonic fights the Eggbots here as they are again serving under Robotnik, he also encounters a new copy of them as well as EggRobo.

Stardust Speedway

As Sonic returns to the Chemical Plant, he goes through the Stardust Speedway area and is forced into battle with Classic Metal Sonic who uses more powerful versions of his old attacks, Metal Sonic is eventually defeated and when the finishing kick is placed by Sonic, he explodes.

Death Egg

Onboard the Death Egg, Sonic encounters an upgraded version of the Giant Mech (here referred to as the Death Egg Robot) after a long battle that takes place on a lift and later in the main hanger, the Death Egg Robot is destroyed.

Dreamcast and Modern

Seaside Hill

The E-1001 Egg Pawn continue to plague the Seaside Hill just as before.

Water Palace

The Egg Pawn Knights that were buolt by Eggman and NEGA will attack Sonic here.

Rooftop Run

Eggman's Egg Fighter series are attacking the city and they will attempt to destroy Sonic.

Planet Wisp

The worker Egg Pawns reappear in this level.

Final Fortress

Sonic confronts Neo Metal Sonic in his Egg Emperor once again on the deck of the Final Fortress, he fights the upgraded veichle and eventually defeates it, Neo Metal Sonic is not seen afterwards as Eggman angrily speeks to Sonic.




Alternate Forms


  • Though most people belive that Eggman is the pilot of the Egg Emperor, it is really Neo Metal Sonic in his Eggman disguise and the real Eggman appears after the battle.
  • This is the first game where Metal Sonic is the First and Semi-Final boss.