Tails doll

Tails Doll

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The Tails Target

Tails ghost

The Ghost Tails

Tails Doll is the Ominous copy of Tails, he can float and is quite fast, he was built to compete in the Super Sonic Race


Super Sonic RacingEdit

Tails Doll competed on Eggman's Team against Sonic's Team but Eggman's Team failed in both racing and collecting the Emeralds.

Target PracticeEdit

In Sonic Adventure (DX) a Tails Doll like target was used by Eggman as for practice for his E-100 Series robots.  This is unlikely to be the real tails doll as the physical appearance is much different, there is no red diamond, and there are many copies to placed around the level.

Tails the GhostEdit

In Sonic Rivals 2 there is a Ghost Tails that acts similar to Tails Doll and thus may be a redesigned version, he is fought in a Giant Ghost Robot.

Alternate VersionsEdit


  • Tails Doll is refrenced in Sonic X when Tails pretends to be a doll to fool Ella.