The Tails Doll first made a cameo as one of the people in a crowd in Issue 134.

Tails Doll

He later made his debut apperance as a spy for Eggman under the name Project Deadly Cuddles who went along with Titan Metal Sonic to attacl the city, Tails Doll was the sabotage unit.

At a Tea Party that Cream was having with Cheese, Tails Doll displayed the ability to turn into a demonic monster to Cheese when Cream was not looking.

Tails Doll later infiltrated the City's shield room and deactivated the shield.

Tails Doll attempted to kill Mina and her band but failed, it later went to the power plant in order to release Robotropolis' nuclear waste into the city and was confonted by Team Freedom, it then morphed into a new form and prepared to engage them in combat.